Bearded Veterans Club is for anyone looking to maintain a healthy beard. Whether you are a Patriot, First Responder or a Veteran, you can definitely benefit from BVC's premium products.

Our Mission is to provided you with the worlds best, 100% U.S. made beard care products. 

Our Purpose is to create the worlds best, 100% US made beard care products & show our support to the hard working men & women of the military and privet sector who put their lives on the line to preserve of liberties, freedoms, rights, health & wellness.  

Operation #FREEDOMBEARD; We know that in the military, facial hair is not an option and you must shave every day! When you become a veteran and retire from active duty, you want to grow a Freedom Beard! That is why we provide you with the worlds mostpremium beard products that will moisturize, strengthen, and help grow that beautiful #FREEDOMBEARD!

Bearded Veterans Club is an American Veteran owned, operated, and proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

"I served my country, then I grew a beard."

-Owner Chris Steel