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I haven't smelled a beard product as amazing as "The Ranger" scent. It just makes you feel fresh and more manlier once you apply it. Not only does the scent smell amazing, but the oil is incredible. Making my beard shine and stand out. To add, the company speaks for itself by being behind Veterans. Grab yourself "The Ranger" scent, suit up, and get out there and kick ass!

Scotty B - US Navy

My wife loves to get all cuddly during our TV time after we put the kiddos to bed every time I am wearing The Medic beard oil. She loves that smell & I love the effects. Thanks guys! I highly Recommend!

Brandon Murphy - Patriot

“The Recon" is the best beard oil on the market! My personal favorite from the BVC line. A formal kind of a fragrance with all natural ingredients. My beard has never felt softer and smelling so good! I’d recommend this beard oil to anyone wanting to better there beard growth journey.

Christopher Orr - US Army Veteran

The scents are awesome & keeps the beard soft. The Recon & Sniper need to be in your collection!

George Munoz - Patriot